Reify/Deify, 2015, foam, metal, water, large format print

Reify/Deify consists of an amalgamation of sculpture, installation, drawing and collage that seek to have some relationship to veneration and ritual. I was interested in the relations between various mythologies, the unhinging of cultural programing and the process of essentializing heterogeneity. Reify/Deify moves between neo-capitalist consumer advertising aesthetics, Northwest Coast Native American visual forms and stream of consciousness drawing to generate a ritual-like space. These works are open-ended and avoid advocating a specific ideology; instead they seek to encourage a level of sensitivity to experiences beyond our understanding and into the realm of the extraordinary.


Unstable Axiom, 2015, foam, acrylic paint


Reify/Deify, installation view, 2015 


Unstable Axiom, detail


Reify/Deify, installation view